Filmmaker François Manceaux (ENCONTRO)

ENCONTRO, 1hr. 56min., France,Directed by François ManceauxSeven years after the death of his wife, Alain, a belgium director, longs to meet the actress of his unfinished film, with whom he shared a passion in Lisbon. Once in place, discovers that she had disappeared. A unknown woman offers him help for the investigation. It beggins for… Continue reading Filmmaker François Manceaux (ENCONTRO)


Filmmaker Cool Benson (SEPARATE)

SEPARATE, 6min., USA, Fantasy/ThrillerDirected by Kestrin PanteraSeparate is a post-apocalyptic survival story. When the Supreme Court rolls back marriage equality and orders couples’ lawful children to be taken and placed with “traditional” families, a daughter and dad flee their home, dodging citizen bounty-hunters, to find refuge in a gay-ballroom safe-house across the border. Get to… Continue reading Filmmaker Cool Benson (SEPARATE)


OUTRAGEOUS: THE QUEER HISTORY OF AUSTALIAN TV, 60min., AustraliaDirected by Andrew MercadoEvery LGBT milestone happened on Australian TV in the 1970s, years before the rest of the world. And nobody ever saw it, because the nudity, adult stories and queer themes from these TV series could never have been tolerated on commercial TV anywhere outside… Continue reading Filmmaker Andrew Mercado (OUTRAGEOUS: THE QUEER HISTORY OF AUSTALIAN TV)

Filmmaker Martin Gerigk (ONCE I PASSED)

ONCE I PASSED, 10min., Germany, PoemDirected by Martin GerigkWalt Whitman is one of the most important poets in American literature. His main work, Leaves of Grass, was written over a period of forty years, and describes human nature, society, and the natural world, both physically and philosophically. Get to know the filmmaker: 1. What… Continue reading Filmmaker Martin Gerigk (ONCE I PASSED)

Writer/Producer Nikki Apostolidis (THE COST OF MONEY)

THE COST OF MONEY, 14min., USADirected by Robbie RydeBattling with her own emotional numbness, sheltered socialite Serena sets out to experience hardship by joining an NA meeting where she discovers real connection, friendship and personal truth. Get to know writer/producer Nikki Apostolidis: 1. What motivated you to make this film? During my time in… Continue reading Writer/Producer Nikki Apostolidis (THE COST OF MONEY)

Filmmaker Angelo Loy (LOOSING GROUND)

LOOSING GROUND, 45min., Italy, DocumentaryDirected by Angelo Loy, Martino Mazzonis“Loosing Ground” recounts the lives of climate refugees in Bangladesh, who every day leave the countryside of the North submerged by increasingly frequent and abundant floods, who abandon the villages of the South where entire crops are destroyed by unpredictable and extremely violent cyclones. The stories… Continue reading Filmmaker Angelo Loy (LOOSING GROUND)

Filmmaker Ian Gregory Trutt (CAM GIRL series)

Cam Girl – Season 1 Episode 2, 14min., USA, DramedyDirected by Ian Gregory TruttLaura is a self-proclaimed “generic white girl” whose financial struggles force her to start a side hustle, leading her to discover the seductive and complex world of webcam modeling. Everyone has an OnlyFans – how hard can it be? Get to… Continue reading Filmmaker Ian Gregory Trutt (CAM GIRL series)

Filmmaking Team of the short film ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS KILL ONE GUY

ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS KILL ONE GUY, 9min., USADirected by Jason DugreTwo stay-at-home dads who take on some side-hustle assassin work sit and wait for their first target to come home, debating about the best way to do the job. Get to know the filmmaking team: 1. What motivated you to make this… Continue reading Filmmaking Team of the short film ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS KILL ONE GUY

Filmmaker John Ledingham (ORIGINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS)

ORIGINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, 8min., CanadaDirected by John Ledingham..or The Life of a Rock. Experimental documentary meditation on land, complexity and evolution, consciousness, interconnection, and artificial intelligence. Exploring the ideas of philosophers and scientists from a broad background of thought. Shot in the Okanagan and West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. Original music by Jack Brintnell.… Continue reading Filmmaker John Ledingham (ORIGINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS)