Interview with filmmaker Emy Tzavra-Bulloch (MINOTAUR)

First, i must say I m very excited that my film had the opportunity to be seen by this audience. I realize that it takes some previous knowledge of the myth in order to get the full meaning of what the film is about. Interesting observations though by a very intelligent audience.

Interview with award winning director Erich Steiner (In the Still of the Night)

I was very moved and excited by the audience feedback on my film at the WILDsound Festival. It’s so amazing to see how people react.

Interview with the Director of 1500 NIÑOS, Oliver A Dubois

I was delighted! Short movies may be shown at several festivals, but it’s not every day that the creators of those shorts get real-time feedback from a live audience. It made me really happy. Thanks for that!

Interview with Belguim Director NORA BURLET (Go Against)

When I got your mail, I didn’t watch the video right away. I send it to a friend of mine for him to translate the video’s contents. When I got his translation, I watched the video several times. I found some of my intentions in the audience reactions. In a certain way, I think I succeeded in telling my story. It’s amazing what audience members see in my movie. You can’t control everything when you’re making a movie, so everyone is able to see whatever they want in the final result. And that’s a good thing.