Getting to know the 2015 Washington Nationals

The countdown to the 2015 baseball season begins. I will do my research on every team in the league.

Today: Washington Nationals

Prediction: Will go to the World Series.

I have a soft spot for this organization because they used to be the Montreal Expos. I still have a sadness for that Expos team because they are the unluckiest team in the history of organized sports. Just read Jonah Keri’s best selling novel on the history of this team called “Up, Up, and Away.” Eventually this team and city got so unlucky, they lost their franchise as the team relocated to Washington.

In 2012 the Nationals were the best team in the league. They lost a heartbreaker first round series to the St. Louis Cardinals. In 2014 the Nationals were easily the best team in the league. Again, they lost the in the first round to the eventual champion San Francisco Giants. They made have moved to a different city (and country) and changed their nickname, but the bad luck continues for this franchise.

Which is a better way to judge something? Over the course of a year, or over the course of one week when the stakes are at its highest?

That is the question of this team. They were the best for 162 games, but not in the playoff when it mattered. On paper, this team should easily win the NL East. They have a starting rotation that teams only dream of, and that alone will take them to the playoffs. But what happens to them in October?

They need to break the string of bad luck. Do it for the city of Montreal! Do it for Canada! Of course the irony of that is that they are in the United States capital. It would be good for baseball to have this team in the World Series.


By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival

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