98th best Baseball Movie of all time – HEADIN HOME, 1920

Headin Home is the fictionalized version of how Babe Ruth became Babe Ruth. Of course, as in most propaganda/promotion videos about a person or organization, none of it is really true.

1920 was an interesting time as Babe Ruth just got “traded” to the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox. He was becoming one of the great players in the game and the Red Sox owner, Harry Frazee, who was more interested in Broadway Plays than baseball, basically sold Ruth to the Yankees for $100,000 so he could produce a Musical, which eventually went bankrupt. He needed the money and the Yankees were more than happy to give it to him in exchange for Ruth.

So before Ruth played a game for the Yankees, he starred as the fictionalized version of himself in this silent film. It was a great way to promote the legend of Babe Ruth to jump start his Yankee career.

In the film, Ruth was born and raised in a small town and wasn’t very good at baseball in his childhood years. In reality, Ruth was born and raised in the big city of Baltimore and was a natural at the sport from the moment he picked up his first bat. But that didn’t translate well for most of the kids around America, so they changed the narrative.

The film really isn’t all that great because there really isn’t any sort of conflict in it. A boy (Ruth) gets mad at his peers for them making fun of his lack of baseball skills, so he takes out his anger when he’s up to bat and hits a gigantic home run. From there, he becomes great and turns into a major league baseball player. He finds love, marries, and all is dandy. That is the story.

The film did poor at the box office and Ruth made the biggest error of them all. He was paid $25,000 for the film, which is about $280,000 today, but he never cashed the check. He just had it in his wallet for months so he could take it out and brag about it to his cronies. When he finally went to the bank to cash the check, it bounced because the Film Studios went bankrupt because of the lack of box office from the film.

And that’s the best story of Headin Home. Watch if you’re a fan of baseball history and Babe Ruth.

97 more baseball movies to go.

– Matthew Toffolo


By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival www.wildsound.ca

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