What Can Happen Will Happen – INTERSTELLAR – The text message review

My Dad: Thanks for the movie experience Matt. I liked the movie. Want to see it again and figure out if their math is right. They seemed to take some creative liberties but I was too into the story. Now I want to watch it again and just pay attention to the Engineering (dad is also an Engineer)

Matthew Toffolo: Glad you liked pops. People will definitely be into this if they last the almost 3 hour length because it’s about the meaning of life mixed in with a father/daughter love story. Tugs at everyone’s heartstrings.

Matthew to friend WB: Did you see Interstellar? (WB sees everything)

WB: Not yet. I m not sure if I want to. I loved Memento and The Prestige and I like The Dark Knight a lot but his other movies not so much.

Matthew: Yeah I think you’ll hate Interstellar. My dad really seemed to love it.

WB: What did you think?

Matthew: Christopher Nolan swings for the fences every time he’s up to the plate. BTW – Loved how everything in the future in Interstellar is bare and basic with all technology and gadgets removed from society. But baseball still is around and kicking (even on Saturn). Baseball will never DIE! Even Nolan understands that.

Like Nolan’s other films, he’s trying to find meaning in life and why we are here. The new religion. But sometimes he’s trying to tell us so much, we as an audience can lose all meaning. Like making a nice meal but giving your guest way too many things to chose from. Sometimes you need to keep it simple and it becomes more profound.

But I say keep going Mr. Nolan because you’ll eventually find your masterpiece.

WB: I don’t know….

Matthew: Performance note. Matt Damon appears out of nowhere at the half way point of the film and almost steals the film away from Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain.

Matthew to friend AM: You like Interstellar?

AM: Loved it. Nolan is king. You?

Matthew: I don’t know. I just performed a 10 minute Coles Note summary of the film to my wife (who will never see it) and I liked what he was trying to say. Other dimensions and stuff. I guess the ending says keep on living and exploring no matter what. Right?

AM: Yes! We need to keep evolving as a society and no matter we need to keep exploring and experimenting.

Matthew: Not sure how long a shelf life this film has. Will it still be effective in 10 years?

AM: Batman Begins is. Memento is. This film will be too.

Matthew: Perhaps.

AM: Definitely. Murphy’s Law: What can happen….will happen!!! That’s the movie in a nutshell.

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By matthewtoffolo

Filmmaker and sports fan. CEO of the WILDsound Film and Writing Festival www.wildsound.ca

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